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Duo and Reach Table Lamps

Why this room works

  1. Task lamps go way beyond the office. Our Reach lamp lets you adjust the brightness and the direction of the light, making it a natural choice next to a bed.
  2. We love mixing lamps in a room. Our Duo modern table lamp has a curved base and shade that provide a contrast to the angular design of the Hudson bed, dressers and nightstands.
  3. A soft, nubby Wallace rug adds texture to this room and gives feet a warm place to land in the morning.
Duo Table Lamps
Duo Table Lamps
$349 - $399
Reach Table Lamp
New Reach Table Lamp
$399 - $499
Hudson Bed
Hudson Bed
$1,299 - $1,999
Jonas Lounge Chair
New Jonas Lounge Chair
$1,299 - $1,499
Wallace Rugs
New Wallace Rugs
$599 - $1,199
Maze Pillows
Maze Pillows
$129 - $169