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Lane Floor Lamp with Coda Table Lamp

Why this room works

  1. Our Lane floor lamp and Coda table lamp work in tandem to provide layers of light throughout the room.
  2. Accent pillows in complementary colors and patterns brighten up this space. Try mixing solid colors with patterns and textures for maximum style.
  3. Our Parsons cocktail table features timeless design that effortlessly bridges the modern design elements in this room.
Coda Table Lamp
New Coda Table Lamp
Campbell Sectionals
New Campbell Sectionals
$2,598 - $3,897
Parsons Cocktail Tables
New Option Parsons Cocktail Tables
$239 - $1,709
Array Rugs
New Array Rugs
$179 - $1,199
Mohair Pillows
Mohair Pillows
$129 - $169
Biscayne Pillows
Biscayne Pillows
$89 - $99
Itza Pillows
Itza Pillows
$129 - $149