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Bram Leather Sofa with Chilton Cocktail Table

Why this room works

  1. A sofa with a small footprint makes this room incredibly versatile. Pair accent pillows with a leather sofa for a unique texture and personalized look.
  2. The 100% wool rug can handle heavy traffic and cleans up easily, making this the perfect gathering room.
  3. Let there be light! A stunning floor lamp with a dimmer lets you easily create any sort of mood in the room.
Bram Leather Sofas
Leather Changing 12/26 Bram Leather Sofas
$3,299 - $3,799
Abbott Chair & Ottoman
Discontinued 12/26 Abbott Chair & Ottoman
$449 - $999
Adams Round End Table
Adams Round End Table
$399 - $519
Onyx Rugs
Discontinued 12/26 Onyx Rugs
$999 - $1,999
Grace Table Lamps
New Option Grace Table Lamps
Shimmer Pillows
Shimmer Pillows
$69 - $99

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