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Damon Three-Piece Sectional

Why this room works

  1. Perfect for small living spaces, our Damon modular sectional is made up of a corner chair and two armless sofas that are easy to rearrange when you want to refresh your room’s layout.
  2. The Chronicle wall sconces offer ample light without taking up floor space. An articulating head allows you to direct the light where you need it most.
  3. This compact James cocktail table keeps every seat on the sectional easily accessible and doesn’t overwhelm the space. Its rounded corners give a nod to the curves of the wall art and chair.
Damon Modular Sectional
New Damon Modular Sectional
$2,099 - $2,899
Lola Chair in Arin Fabric
New Option Lola Chair in Arin Fabric
$899 - $999
James Cocktail Tables
James Cocktail Tables
$399 - $599
Leif Rug
New Leif Rug
$179 - $1,199
Cooper Benches
Cooper Benches
$399 - $599

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