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Holmes Sofa and Chairs in Sumner Linen

Why this room works

  1. The refined, tailored look of our Holmes sofa and chairs are perfect for a formal living room like this one. Neutral colors and wood tones give this space a calm, cohesive feel.
  2. The turned legs of the Copley cocktail table echo the shape of the sofa legs for a nice pairing. The rectangle shape compliments the furniture arrangement and makes it easy to walk through this space to the entryway.
  3. More than just a place to drop your keys, this console bookshelf provides a place to add some personality with accessories and sets a welcoming tone in the entryway.
Holmes Sofas
New Holmes Sofas
$1,599 - $1,799
Holmes Chair
New Holmes Chair
Copley Cocktail Table
New Copley Cocktail Table
$599 - $799
Burton Console Bookcases
New Option Burton Console Bookcases
$499 - $749
Avani Rug
Avani Rug
$799 - $999
Wales Pillows
Wales Pillows
$89 - $149
Mohair Pillows
Mohair Pillows
$129 - $169