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Ian L-shaped Sectional Room

Why this room works

  1. The scale of this floor lamp is ideal for the large room. Black aluminum complements the dark window treatments.
  2. A stately and artistic piece, the Linear Armoire is as functional as it is eye-catching. Organize items like linens, electronics or board games in this attractive storage piece.
  3. The combination of solid wood and dark leather gives this room just the contrast you crave. An accent chair is a beautiful, easy way to add a little something extra to any room.
Ian Sectionals
Ian Sectionals
$2,198 - $4,246
Sanna Leather Chair
Leather Changing 12/26 Sanna Leather Chair
$1,049 - $1,199
Classic Cocktail Tables in Natural Steel
Options Changing 12/26 Classic Cocktail Tables in Natural Steel
$289 - $1,379
Madison End Table
Options Changing 12/26 Madison End Table
$349 - $399
Anywhere Armoires, Linear
Discontinued 12/26 Anywhere Armoires, Linear
$2,799 - $3,999
Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp
Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp
$995 - $1,250
Sheepskin Rugs
Sheepskin Rugs
$109 - $1,129
Wales Pillows
Wales Pillows
$89 - $149
Mohair Pillows
Mohair Pillows
$129 - $169

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