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Wells Leather Sofa with Woodwind Walnut Bookcases

Why this room works

  1. Create a statement with storage. Our Woodwind bookcases offer the feel of a built-in and make this living space totally unique. Easily combine pieces to make the most of your space.
  2. We love the rich, classic hues of our Robshaw indigo prints. These prints show the remarkable relationship between culture and art and provide a great conversational piece for this intimate setting.
  3. Perfectly nestled in the corner of this room, our Charles chair adds stunning curves and extra spot to curl up with a good book. Beautifully paired with an aluminum swivel base, Charles evokes distinctive style with its organic shape.
Wells Sofas in Lecco Chocolate Leather
New Option Wells Sofas in Lecco Chocolate Leather
$3,899 - $4,099
Woodwind 86h Bookcase
New Option Woodwind 86h Bookcase
$799 - $899
Crane Floor Lamps
Crane Floor Lamps
$479 - $529
John Robshaw, Sky #1, 2015
Limited Edition John Robshaw, Sky #1, 2015
John Robshaw, Landscape #1, 2015
Limited Edition John Robshaw, Landscape #1, 2015
Mohair Pillows
Mohair Pillows
$129 - $169