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Float Adjustable Desk Open Office Space

Why this room works

  1. Add a light pendant to make your office more modern. It emits a soft, even light that you'll love having for early mornings or late evenings.
  2. Transition from sitting to standing with ease by way of a float desk. Its adjustable height is engaged by a one-handed release lever. It promotes a healthy workspace and allows you to change up your office routine daily.
  3. The armoire is nestled perfectly into the back corner of this office. Its durable design lets you display items on top, and its dark coloring makes it a standout in this modern office.
Float® Adjustable Height Desks
Options Changing 12/26 Float® Adjustable Height Desks
$1,899 - $2,849
Nelson Saucer Pendants
Discontinued 12/26 Nelson Saucer Pendants
$251 - $387 thru 12/25

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