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Linear Office Armoire in Cherry

Why this room works

  1. Create an office anywhere with our Linear office armoire. A drop-down work surface, built-in file drawers and adjustable shelves allow you to make the most of this versatile solution.
  2. Just as the armoire blends in with this space, the Nico leather chair is equally stylish behind a desk or in a living space, making it the perfect solution for this in-home office.
  3. A classic form with a modern mix of materials, our Lane floor lamp adds architectural interest to this room. This large floor lamp solves the need of any task lighting in this space.
Nico Office Chair in Leather
New Option Nico Office Chair in Leather
Woodwind 86h Bookcase
New Option Woodwind 86h Bookcase
$799 - $899
Sequence Rugs
Sequence Rugs
$49 - $499
John Robshaw, Sky #1, 2015
Limited Edition John Robshaw, Sky #1, 2015