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Arden Wool Shag Rug

Why this room works

  1. Adding our plush Arden wool rug makes the floor a perfect spot for playtime and helps reduce noise levels.
  2. Centering the rug along the Greta crib and Jasper studio sofa balances the room and allows the wood floor to be exposed.
  3. The Moda dressers and Addison bookcases are completely off the rug for stability.
Arden Shag Rugs
New Option Arden Shag Rugs
$899 - $2,999
Greta Crib
Greta Crib
$999 - $1,098
Moda Dressers
New Option Moda Dressers
$799 - $1,599
Addison 30w Bookcases
Addison 30w Bookcases
$900 - $1,300
Jasper Studio Sofas
Jasper Studio Sofas
$999 - $1,099
Aero Round Ottomans
Fabric Changing 12/26 Aero Round Ottomans
$249 - $549
Shimmer Pillows
Shimmer Pillows
$69 - $99

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