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Cable Heather Rug Bedroom

Why this room works

  1. Placing the Cable rug to the side allows the Marlo bed’s storage drawer to open smoothly and easily.
  2. The Costa C-table and Calvin nightstand are off the rug to help define the sleeping area of the room.
  3. Remember to use a rug pad to keep it in securely in place.
Cable Rugs
Cable Rugs
$1,199 - $2,399
Marlo Bed with Storage Drawer
New Option Marlo Bed with Storage Drawer
$1,899 - $2,499
Calvin Nightstands
Calvin Nightstands
$449 - $599
Ravella Cocktail Ottomans
New Option Ravella Cocktail Ottomans
$899 - $1,099
Scotland Pillows
Scotland Pillows
$89 - $149