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Kayseri Terra Cotta Rug Bedroom

Why this room works

  1. In a large bedroom, this Kayseri rug helps define the space and balance strong shapes like the Architecture canopy bed.
  2. The rug is sized generously to provide plenty of room to walk on, even along the Meyer bench.
  3. The muted colors of this rug pull together other elements, such as the Boden leather chair and Linear dresser and nightstands.
Kayseri Rugs
Kayseri Rugs
$2,299 - $2,999
Architecture Bed
Architecture Bed
$899 - $1,299
Boden Leather Chair & Ottoman
Leather Changing 12/26 Boden Leather Chair & Ottoman
$799 - $1,999
Reclaimed Wood Stool, Hourglass
Limited Quantity Reclaimed Wood Stool, Hourglass
Parsons End Tables
Options Changing 12/26 Parsons End Tables
$249 - $709
Sold Out Online, Robshaw, Indigo #3, 2013
Limited Edition
Sold Out Online, Robshaw, Indigo #3, 2013
Sold Out Online
KleinReid Sur Vases
KleinReid Sur Vases
$209 - $269
Teardrop Vase
Limited Quantity Teardrop Vase

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