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Tulum Ebony Rug Bedroom

Why this room works

  1. The graphic nature of our Tulum rug artfully pulls together the light and dark colors of the Parsons bed and Callan chair.
  2. The rug is perfectly proportioned to the length of the Reed bench, showing how a small rug can made a big statement.
  3. Wool rugs are a great investment for a modern bedroom as they reduce noise levels and are soft underfoot.
Tulum Rugs
New Option Tulum Rugs
$599 - $1,699
Parsons Bed
Parsons Bed
$599 - $999
Mills Nightstands
Mills Nightstands
$579 - $779
Parks Table Lamp
Parks Table Lamp
$399 - $449
Sateen Sheets & Pillowcases in Grey
New Option Sateen Sheets & Pillowcases in Grey
$69 - $229
Velvet Pillows
Velvet Pillows
$79 - $99
Komongata Prints
Limited Quantity Komongata Prints

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