Buying Guide

Assessing your space


Think big. And small. Sectionals can work in any space, from small studio apartments to expansive living rooms. Many people don't realize sectional pieces make a great option for smaller spaces, because their modular pieces fit more easily through small doorways and around tight corners.

Arm yourself. Remember, left-arm and right-arm configurations refer to the sofa when you're facing it, not sitting on it.

Find the right accents. First, choose the largest piece in your room (most often a sofa or sectional). Then select other furniture and accent pieces to complement this main element.

Get connected. We include heavy-duty connectors with all our sectionals, so you never have to worry about your seating sliding apart. Our Delivery Associates install the hardware when they assemble your sectional.


Let us help. Our sectional guides provide exact dimensions for each component and pre-configured sectionals, so you can focus on deciding what's right for your space.

Make sure it fits. First, look up the measurements for a specific sectional in the corresponding sectional guide. Then, tape out these measurements on the floor. This virtual sectional will help you quickly and easily map out room configuration options.

Finding your style


Make room. Adding a chaise to one end of your sectional dramatically increases your seating possibilities. A sofa with chaise or L-shape configuration is an ideal setup for letting one or two people read, nap or simply relax.

Spread out. If you want to cozy up with the kids, consider using wedges to create a semi-circular shape. The curved seating opens up more leg room than a right-angle corner piece, giving everyone a great view on movie night.


See eye to eye. An L-Shaped sectional with chaise lets you and your guests talk face to face while leaving ample room for a cocktail table in the center. Ideal in large or open rooms, this cozy configuration defines a dedicated conversation area and sets a laid-back tone for any gathering.

Work the room. Modular sectionals use multi-functional ottomans for seating that won't block anyone's view. Sized to the exact height and depth of our sectionals, ottomans can be built into a sectional grouping for open seating, used as traditional footrests or even as cocktail tables.

Save space. Wedges, corners and chaises let you build a sectional that maximizes seating and accommodates a room's traffic patterns and architectural features.

Show your style. Sophisticated and sleek, our tailored sofas are perfect in formal spaces or modern sitting areas.


Rest easy. Several of our sectionals are also available as sleepers, so you can turn any room into inviting guest quarters. Remember to leave enough space in your configuration for the pulled-out mattress.

Store more. Several of our sectionals offer storage ottomans that provide convenient, easy-access storage for extra blankets and sheets.

Sectional Ideas

Need some ideas to get started? Below are some of our most popular configurations for the Reese sectional.

Left-Arm Sofa, Curved Corner, Left-Back Sofa
Left-Arm Sofa, Curved Corner, Right-Arm Sofa
Left-Arm Sofa, Corner, Right-Arm Sofa
Left-Arm Sofa, Right-Arm Chaise
Right-Arm Sofa, Left-Arm Chaise

Sectional Designer Help

How to use the Sectional Designer

  • Drag and drop pieces onto the Sectional Designer, from the right side of the screen to the space on the left.
  • Edges of individual pieces that are able to be attached to each other are indicated by a green semicircle.
  • Use the Shape Tools to rotate, select, move or delete pieces and maneuver them into your desired configuration.
  • You can configure and connect up to ten pieces to create your sectional.
  • All pieces must be connected before you can move to Step 2 to choose your fabric.
  • Pieces can be inserted between previously attached pieces, but only when attachable edges are available on each piece. Some pieces may need to be dragged onto the Designer and rotated before they can be attached.
  • You can only configure one sectional at a time in the Sectional Designer. If you wish to configure more than one sectional, you must configure each one separately and "Add to Cart" or "Add to Wish List".
  • To save your design, click "Add to Wish List". Designs saved to your cart may disappear after you leave the website.
  • For the best experience in the Sectional Designer, we recommend the following:

    Browsers for Mac: Firefox 12+, Safari 5.1+, Chrome 27+
    Browsers for Windows: Firefox 12+, Internet Explorer 9.0+, Chrome 27+
    Browser settings: Javascript enabled, cookies enabled
    Optimal screen resolution: 1024 x 768

  • For help with shopping and ordering, contact a Design Associate at 800.301.9720

    Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Central Time)
    Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Central Time)
    Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Central Time)

Understanding Sectionals

  • Sectional pieces are named based on how they appear as you face it, not as you sit on it.
  • Dimensions shown are measured from the back of the piece to the front edge. Dimensions for angled and wedge pieces reflect the floor space the pieces will occupy, not the actual dimensions of the pieces. This is to help with overall space planning.

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