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Wood Products

Lowell Innes founded Wood Products in North Dakota's Red River Valley, with a steadfast focus on quality materials and customization.


Over the years, the entrepreneurial spirit of Lowell Innes led him to create several successful businesses, from building homes to outfitting them with his own cabinetry to ensure quality of materials and craftsmanship. In 1982, Lowell opened his woodworking company, Wood Products, in his lifelong home town of Grand Forks, North Dakota. With its vast open land and endless farm fields, it's a place where people like to work and everyone waves at you from their trucks. "It's a great place," says Lowell, "to have a family and put down roots."

A steadfast focus on quality material and customization reflects the Midwestern practicality of Wood Products.

Copenhagen custom dresser


Lowell's high standard of quality is continually held up at Wood Products by the long-term woodworkers who create the furniture. The team is made up of people with amazing attention to detail. For example, one artisan can beat the computer for optimizing wood use. Another has an unrivaled talent for color matching, though he humbly says, "I just know what 'good' looks like." To achieve a consistent natural wood beauty, along with overall strength and stability, Wood Products hand-selects and hand-applies their wood veneers. "We don't use veneer that just meets industry standards," says Mark Cutshaw, the company's general manager. "We rely on relationships with suppliers we trust to find the most interesting grain patterns for our walnut or the perfect creamy color for our maple."

Design that Makes a Difference

Wood Products draws from Midwestern practicality to reduce its carbon footprint. The concepts of zero waste, reuse and recycling are ingrained in the culture of the company. They minimize waste by using as much of the quality wood as possible, while saving scraps for other uses. The facility is heated during harsh North Dakota winters with wood dust that is stored in seed bags in throughout the year.

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(top) Lowell Innes built his company in his home town of Grand Forks, North Dakota

(bottom-left) Wood Products founder, Lowell Innes

(bottom-right) Hand-selected wood veneer provides consistent natural wood beauty.

Using no shortcuts, artisans carefully build each piece with attention to detail.

Innes media cabinet in walnut

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