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Frame wall guide

A grouping of frames does more than add decoration to a room. A gallery wall lets you surround yourself with images that tell the story of where you’ve been and the people who are important to you. Explore this guide for some of our favorite arrangements and simple tips to help you build a frame wall.

How to create a modern frame wall

See tips and tricks for building a gallery wall, including arrangement ideas and placement hints.

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Choose your arrangement.

For inspiration, we listed seven of our favorite layouts below.


Select your frames.

From bold steel styles to classic gallery looks, we offer a range of American-made frames you can’t find anywhere else.


Lay it out.

Outline each frame on a piece of paper (kraft paper works well) and cut it out. Use painter’s tape to hang the templates on your wall.


Hang it up.

Choose the right hardware for your wall type and use your level to make sure everything is straight.

Frame wall Arrangements


A simple grid is the easiest way to fill a wall and to build on over time. This design creates a strong, modern focal point.

A simple grid arrangement of Profile frames in walnut
  • Consider the grouping of frames as one piece and center it over your furniture. If there's no furniture along the wall, balance the composition with the entire wall space, top to bottom and left to right.
  • Leave an even amount of space (about two inches) between each frame for consistency.
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Mixed grid

This arrangement balances a feeling of movement with symmetry. You can easily add to this arrangement over the years.

A mixed grid arrangement of Manhattan Box frames in natural steel
  • Leave approximately five inches from the top of the piece of furniture to the bottom of your lowest frame.
  • Use just two frame sizes to create this pattern, which aligns the frames to a vertical or horizontal axis.
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A row of frames makes a strong graphic statement and visually widens the room.

A horizontal row arrangement of Manhattan frames in stainless steel
  • Give your arrangement a unified look by using images in a cohesive color palette.
  • To ensure your frames are in scale whether you're sitting or standing, leave about six inches from the highest point of your sofa cushions to the bottom of the frames. Fluff, then measure.
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Mix styles and sizes for a unique, collected-over-time look that works in spaces large or small.

An eclectic arrangement of Profile frames in silver
  • When mixing frame sizes and style, choose similar images to create a more cohesive look.
  • Align frame edges along a vertical or horizontal axis so your arrangement looks deliberate, not messy.
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Great for smaller areas, this layout lets you mix sizes and shapes along a centered vertical line.

A vertical column arrangement of Profile frames in white
  • Consider using a frame that spans two-thirds of the width of your furniture for a balanced look.
  • Leave about four and one-half inches from the top of your furniture to the bottom of the lowest frame.
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Using picture ledges allows you to rearrange as often as you like without rehanging anything.

A Trace picture ledge in natural steel with Profile frames in walnut
  • Hang a ledge about 10 inches from the highest point of your sofa to allow head clearance when seated.
  • Overlap at least one frame or add small decorative items for even more dimension.
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This classic arrangement makes the most of a wall that sees a lot of traffic and draws the eye upward.

A staircase arrangement of Profile frames in walnut
  • Leave about 10 inches between each step and the bottom of the frames for ease of dusting or vacuuming.
  • Get started by centering a large frame on the middle step, hanging the frame so the center is at eye level (about 58 inches high).
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Get Inspired

An eclectic arrangement of Borough frames over a desk An eclectic arrangement of Borough and Profile Frames fills a wall An eclectic arrangement of Manhattan and Profile frames over a Smith media cabinet Two Sill picture ledges in with Profile frames in an office

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