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From firm to ultra plush, we offer a range of comfort options so you can find the feel that works best for you. No matter what comfort you choose, you can rest assured that you'll always get the proper support. Every mattress we make is constructed to promote orthopedically correct spine alignment even after years of use.

Ultra Plush

Ultra plush mattresses feature our thickest layer of convoluted foam, for a deep, luxurious, sink-in feel.


Our most popular, Soft/Plush mattresses suit a wide range of sleep styles by enveloping you in comfort.


Our Firm mattresses feature a resilient, but never stiff, feel. Constructed to maintain their shape without the need to flip, you won't have to worry about sagging or a lumpy sleep surface.

Custom mattresses

Our custom side-by-side mattress gives you, and your partner, individual comfort and support—all in the same mattress. For each side, choose from memory foam or natural latex foam, in either firm or soft for a mattress that gives both of you a great night's sleep.

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