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The best of the best. Six exclusive mattress styles, hand-built in Minnesota. A variety of comfort options so you can find the perfect mattress.


We work exclusively with Restwell, a Minnesota company whose generations of highly skilled mattress-makers handcraft the best mattress styles from the best materials. Our close partnership with Restwell allows us to offer options that fit many sleep styles, while keeping the mattress collection focused and easy to choose from.

Our mattresses are engineered to offer great support and comfort without the added expense of a box spring.

Restwell mattress for Room & Board


Restwell chooses the finest raw materials—from the best quality steel and high-density Omalon foam to 100% natural latex foam, organic cotton and wool—to create mattresses with a blend of automation and handwork. For example, most of the quilting is done on giant sewing machines, but much of the detail work is reserved for hand-cutting and sewing.

Sharing our commitment to quality and value, Restwell focuses on the details and thoughtful innovation that most mattress manufacturers overlook. They ensure that each mattress is hemmed, giving each edge a clean, finished look that holds the layers of materials snugly together with added stability. And they engineer our mattresses to offer great support and comfort without the added expense of a box spring, giving our beds a streamlined profile while saving you money.

Committed to making a difference

Dedicated to using safe, sustainable, quality materials, Restwell responsibly sources most components from the US, primarily from the Midwest. All of these materials are non-toxic and inherently resistant to flame, so you're not sleeping on chemicals. Working with us to include the healthiest options possible, Restwell developed our natural latex mattress, comprised of a 100% botanically-derived latex core—made from the sap of rubber trees—and wrapped in certified organic cotton and wool.

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(top) All our mattresses are made in Minnesota

(bottom-left) Every mattress is made to provide years of comfort.

(bottom-right) Special attention is given to the edges, to ensure durability and a finished look.

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