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Why buy a Room & Board mattress?

Buying a mattress from Room & Board is different: No gimmicks, no high-pressure sales, no bait-and-switch. Because we've edited our mattress selection to bring you only the best of the best, you can simply select the size, feel and price that make sense for you, without wading through confusing designs and conflicting information.

Rest easy

No matter which style of mattress you choose, you can be confident that you're getting the right amount of support. From firm to ultra plush, all our mattresses are made to promote orthopedically correct spine alignment.

Made in the U.S.

Our mattresses are made by an independent company in Minnesota using the very best materials. From certified organic cotton to the latest innovations in memory foam, you can relax knowing that you aren't sleeping on harmful chemicals and that your mattress will feel just as good years from now as it does when it's new.

Only the best

By building our mattresses with meticulous attention to detail inside and out, we eliminate the unnecessary fillers that add to your cost, not your comfort. Instead, we focus on quality—from the carefully chosen core materials to the hand-sewn edges. This superior craftsmanship also allows you to use our mattresses on any of our beds without the added expense of a box spring.

Compare by Type

We keep it simple by offering only the best of the best. The six types of mattresses we sell give you a range of comfort, material and price options, without sacrificing quality or support.

Encased Coil

  • traditional, pillow-top comfort
  • individually encased coils
  • conforms to your body
  • reduces partner disturbance

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Encased Coil with Natural Latex

  • traditional, pillow-top feel combined with layers of 100% natural latex, organic cotton and wool
  • individually encased coils
  • conforms to your body
  • reduces partner disturbance
  • natural latex alleviates pressure points

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Encased Coil with Memory Foam

  • traditional, pillow-top feel combined with a memory foam layer and an organic cotton cover
  • conforms to your body and reduces pressure points
  • eliminates partner disturbance
  • ventilated open-celled memory foam means you won’t overheat

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  • resilient, traditional feel at a great value
  • tempered steel coils flex and move in response to your position
  • promotes proper spine alignment

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Memory Foam

  • conforms to your body
  • eliminates partner disturbance
  • stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter

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Natural Latex

  • conforms to your body
  • alleviates pressure points
  • 100% natural latex foam core covered in organic cotton and wool
  • features a firm side and soft side so you can flip the mattress to choose your comfort

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Compare by Comfort

From firm to ultra plush, we offer a range of comfort options so you can find the feel that works best for you. No matter what comfort you choose, you can rest assured that you'll always get the proper support. Every mattress we make is constructed to promote orthopedically correct spine alignment even after years of use.

Ultra Plush

Ultra plush mattresses feature our thickest layer of convoluted foam, for a deep, luxurious, sink-in feel.


Our most popular, Soft/Plush mattresses suit a wide range of sleep styles by enveloping you in comfort.


Our Firm mattresses feature a resilient, but never stiff, feel. Constructed to maintain their shape without the need to flip, you won't have to worry about sagging or a lumpy sleep surface.

Custom mattresses

Our custom side-by-side mattress gives you, and your partner, individual comfort and support—all in the same mattress. For each side, choose from memory foam or natural latex foam, in either firm or soft for a mattress that gives both of you a great night's sleep.

Mattress Finder

A great night's sleep starts here. From the list below, determine which phrases are most important to you.

Comfort & feel

I want a traditional mattress feel

I want a mattress that is sink-in comfortable

Encased Coil Ultra Plush, Memory Foam Soft or Encased Coil with Memory Foam

Add a down featherbed topper for that extra layer of cushy comfort.

I want a mattress that conforms to my body

I want two comfort options in one mattress

Construction factors

I want a mattress that will be easy to move


Price is my main concern

Who will be sleeping on the mattress?

Natural Materials

We use only the finest materials in each of our mattresses—no toxic chemicals, no mystery fillers. From organic cotton to natural latex to tempered steel, you can feel confident about what's inside your mattress.

Certified Bio-Cotton covers

Certified Bio-Cotton covers

Certified organic and 100% natural, the cover of our mattresses are made from cotton grown without chemical applications.

Protect fire retardant fiber

Protect fire retardant fiber

A by-product of wood pulp production, Protect is made from cellulose fibers and is a natural fire-retardant.

CertiPUR®-US foam

CertiPUR®-US foam

CertiPUR®-US foams have been tested and analyzed by an independent laboratory to meet country standards for content, emissions and durability. CertiPUR®-US foams are free from ozone-depleting CFCs, PBDE fire retardants, lead and mercury.

New Zealand Joma Wool

New Zealand Joma Wool

Naturally anti-microbial and allergy-free, wool helps regulate your body temperature and wicks away moisture.

100% Pure Latex foam

100% Pure Latex foam

Our latex is made using only natural rubber, without any synthetic materials.

Handcrafted by Restwell

The best of the best. Six exclusive mattress styles, hand-built in Minnesota. A variety of comfort options so you can find the perfect mattress.


We work exclusively with Restwell, a Minnesota company whose generations of highly skilled mattress-makers handcraft the best mattress styles from the best materials. Our close partnership with Restwell allows us to offer options that fit many sleep styles, while keeping the mattress collection focused and easy to choose from.

Our mattresses are engineered to offer great support and comfort without the added expense of a box spring.

Restwell mattress for Room & Board


Restwell chooses the finest raw materials—from the best quality steel and high-density Omalon foam to 100% natural latex foam, organic cotton and wool—to create mattresses with a blend of automation and handwork. For example, most of the quilting is done on giant sewing machines, but much of the detail work is reserved for hand-cutting and sewing.

Sharing our commitment to quality and value, Restwell focuses on the details and thoughtful innovation that most mattress manufacturers overlook. They ensure that each mattress is hemmed, giving each edge a clean, finished look that holds the layers of materials snugly together with added stability. And they engineer our mattresses to offer great support and comfort without the added expense of a box spring, giving our beds a streamlined profile while saving you money.

Committed to making a difference

Dedicated to using safe, sustainable, quality materials, Restwell responsibly sources most components from the US, primarily from the Midwest. All of these materials are non-toxic and inherently resistant to flame, so you're not sleeping on chemicals. Working with us to include the healthiest options possible, Restwell developed our natural latex mattress, comprised of a 100% botanically-derived latex core—made from the sap of rubber trees—and wrapped in certified organic cotton and wool.

Collage of Restwell products

(top) All our mattresses are made in Minnesota

(bottom-left) Every mattress is made to provide years of comfort.

(bottom-right) Special attention is given to the edges, to ensure durability and a finished look.

Our Guarantee

We understand that buying a mattress is a big decision; after all, the quality of your sleep affects how you feel each day. Other companies offer guarantees that come with a lot of fine print and exceptions. We take a different approach: Don't love it? Don't worry. With Room & Board, you can shop for a new mattress risk free.

If you're not happy with your new mattress, we will exchange it for a different style—or even take it back—with free return shipping. It's that simple.

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