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Our sophisticated selection of leathers is sourced from all over the globe to bring you unique colors, supple finishes and exceptional quality.

Customize it

We stock many of our sofas, sectionals and chairs in leather, and also offer the option to personalize your furniture with select custom leathers. Our custom upholstery options allow you to choose a leather that works perfectly for your home. Explore Custom Upholstery

Quality and character

Leather adds rich character and comfort to your home. All Room & Board leathers are top-grain or full top-grain—a high standard within the furniture industry. Made from the hide's top layer, these leathers are desired for their thickness, strength and supple texture. Natural markings and color variations, considered the hallmarks of fine leather, are part of each hide's inherent beauty.

Unmatched durability

When you purchase leather furniture, you are investing in a material that offers superior durability and provides natural stain resistance. Our expertly-tailored leather seating achieves a rich patina with age and use, providing years of comfort and enjoyment.

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Collection of Room & Board leathers

Leather Glossary

Full-aniline leather

Full-aniline leather—also known as pure aniline leather—has minimal color and protection applied in order to highlight and preserve the leather's natural characteristics. Though the hide is dyed all the way through, it is left in its purest state to allow for a beautiful patina with age.

Semi-aniline leather

Semi-aniline leather is a high-performance, low-maintenance leather. It is typically dyed all the way through the hide, and then treated with pigment for added protection and color consistency. This finishing process makes semi-aniline leathers easier to clean and maintain than full-aniline leathers.

Full top-grain leather

Full top-grain leather is high-quality leather that has not been buffed or sanded, preserving the original grain and allowing the natural markings and slight color variations to remain. Considered the hallmarks of fine leather, these characteristics highlight the pure, unprocessed beauty of full top-grain leathers.

Top-grain leather

Top-grain leather is made from the outermost layer of the hide, which is valued for its strength and supple texture. It is buffed and sanded to remove most of the natural markings and to enhance color consistency. A finish may also be applied.

Hair-on-hide leather

Hair-on hide is natural leather with the hair left intact. Soft and supple, hair-on hide's defining characteristic is the soft, silky hair that adds texture and depth to upholstered furniture. Each hide is one of a kind and variations in hair color, pattern and length make each piece unique.

Natural leather

Natural leather is tanned for stabilization, but it is not dyed or finished. It's left in a natural state to preserve the hide's unique characteristics, such as hair pattern and texture.

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