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Roberta Allen

Despite her success on the literary landscape, New York Times-acclaimed author Roberta Allen's creative talents soon carried her beyond the walls of the literary world. With an impressive body of work ranging from mixed media to etchings, Allen's transition from novelist to fine artist now seems nothing short of expected.

Relying on a variety of mediums—drawing, installation and more recently, photography—Allen embarks on storytelling of a different kind. From early exhibits that made use of arrows to explore the relationship between direction and place, to still photography that challenges the traditional conventions of order and space, Allen's work is a stunning exploration of the nature of the everyday.

Her recent series of photography exhibitions examines the fine line between lost and found, and includes "Secret Worlds"—a haunting collection of still photography that studies natural objects cast off by the sea. Allen's work has been featured in museums throughout the United States, Germany and France, including the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Roberta Allen

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