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Outdoor Upholstery Video

Our unscientific experiment begins with submerging one of our outdoor chairs into Lake Hickory, in North Carolina.

While we certainly don't recommend drowning your outdoor furniture, you can feel confident in its durability.

The chair was left undisturbed in the lake for two weeks.

When we pulled up the chair, it was full of mud and grime and missing its cushions. The theory is that they were taken away by a neighboring muskrat who must have appreciated their comfort.

We cleaned the chair with a power-washer, but for everyday dirt a garden hose works just fine. You can even throw the slipcovers in your washing machine.

Here, the slipcovers have been removed and the frame of the chair is being power-washed. Built with marine-grade wood, quick-drying foam and stainless steel hardware, water won't hurt any part of our outdoor upholstery.

The chair was mostly dry from our power-washing in one day and completely dry in two days.

Count on comfort and durability from your Room & Board outdoor upholstery.

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