Manhattan Frames in Gold



8x10 Centered Frame

20w .5d 20h

8x10 Off-Center Frame

20w .5d 20h

5x7 Centered Frame

13w .5d 13h

5x7 Off-Center Frame

13w .5d 13h
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Made by a family-owned steel shop in Minnesota, our exclusive steel frames are substantial and durable. The contemporary gold tone is created by careful application of powder-coating over a steel base. Every frame is carefully inspected and cleaned before it’s packed. These timeless frames can be hung vertically or horizontally to best suit your artwork or photos.

  • Special Considerations: hangs horizontally or vertically
  • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
  • Item Numbers:
    8x10 Centered Frame (20w .5d 20h)
    8x10 Off-Center Frame (20w .5d 20h)
    5x7 Centered Frame (13w .5d 13h)
    5x7 Off-Center Frame (13w .5d 13h)
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