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Pistel brown leather
Desmond otter
Tatum grey
Sunbrella® Sims granite
Pistel grey leather
Pistel ink leather
Maple with shell stain
Maple with charcoal stain
Doyle Side Chair
Seat: Desmond otter
Wood: Walnut
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The petite size of our Doyle chair makes it ideal for smaller spaces or extra seating needs, but the stately silhouette means it looks right at home in a formal dining room.

Details of Doyle Side Chair with Upholstered Seat

  • Dimensions: 18w 21d 33h
  • Seat Height: 19h
  • Seat Cushion: foam and fiber Cushion details
  • Construction Details: bench made hardwood frame with webbing seat suspension Construction details
  • Product Origin: made in Vermont
  • Item Number: 729095
    • Seat: Desmond otter See full fabric details
    • Fabric Content: 100% polyester
    • Fabric Description: One of our most popular fabrics, Desmond is a great choice for any high-traffic piece. Tightly woven micro-denier polyester gives this fabric outstanding durability and stain resistance, but with a soft feel. Desmond looks and feels like suede, and gives dimension to solid colors with its changing nap.
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