Woodwind 72h Open Back Bookcases

Maple with charcoal stain
Woodwind 44w 17d 72h Triple Open-Back Bookcase
Wood: Walnut
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Woodwind is a classic, versatile storage collection crafted by Pennsylvania woodworkers from solid wood and high-quality wood veneers. Featuring an array of shapes and sizes, Woodwind bookcases let you easily combine pieces to create a built-in look.

Details of Woodwind 44w 17d 72h Triple Open-Back Bookcase

  • Dimensions: 44"w 17"d 72"h
  • Open Space: (2) 9.25"w 15"d 67.5"h; (1) 17.25"w 15"d 67.5"h
  • Shelves: fifteen adjustable wood
  • Features: finished back
  • Product Origin: made in Pennsylvania
  • Item Number: 302802
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