Copenhagen Office Cabinet

beautiful, but some corners were cut

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Sep 24, 2010

By finn's baba

from san francisco, ca

Style: Modern/contemporary, Minimalist

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Pros: Storage capacity, Easy to clean, Durable finish

Best Uses: Storage, Space saving, File organization

Customer comments about Copenhagen Office Cabinet:

Overall this is a great looking piece, but there are definitely some details and design decisions I'm disappointed by.

First, the drawer hardware is hardly top quality. The slides are very basic and feel cheap. The drawer fronts were not aligned (not a difficult fix, it would have been nice if they could have taken a minute to straighten the faces in the warehouse).

The face grain is not "matched"... a good cabinetmaker would have cut the drawer/door faces from the same piece of plywood so that the grain would look continuous. Instead, the drawer face grain runs one direction and the door is 90 degrees to that... which in my opinion is unforgivable given its price.

Another design oddity is that the pull-out drawer has a power cord hole at the back... but the nature of pulling out that drawer creates problems with that cord. It's pulled way out and then gets caught in the back. I'm not sure if there's an intelligent solution for that.

The lacquer finish is very easy to maintain. There is an interesting corner detail (the "reveal" corner?) that doesn't show up in the catalogue/web images, but is really nice. My last comment would be that it's not very well documented in the images, but that it's a really nice looking cabinet and the pull-out desk option is such a great feature.

bottom line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend