Linden Table Dining Room

Why this room works

  1. Let your collections become a focal point. Glass-door cabinets show off barware, china--even cookbooks—and keep the look casual while protecting fragile items.
  2. Create an open feel by keeping sightlines clear to the windows and the rest of the house. Spindle-back chairs and a translucent light fixture add to the airy feel.
  3. A marble table top is worth the splurge not only for its one-of-a-kind beauty, but because it can function as an extension of your kitchen counters for meal prep and baking sessions.
Linden Table
New Option Linden Table
$1,699 - $2,199
Thatcher Chairs
Thatcher Chairs
$329 - $429
Easton Sofas with Chaise
New Option Easton Sofas with Chaise
$2,598 - $2,698
Classic End Tables in Natural Steel
New Option Classic End Tables in Natural Steel
$209 - $619

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