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Andy, Delivery Inventory Associate

Andy has a long history of working with furniture, both personally and professionally. He spent nearly eight years working for a different furniture company before joining Room & Board.

"The company I worked at before wasn't bad. Like Room & Board, they value their customers and doing the right thing for them is a priority. However, there it felt like it was at the expense of their employees. I was a Delivery Associate and frequently my days were extended by two or three hours because I had to go back out on the road. At Room & Board, everything about the customer experience is much more thoughtful and balanced."

As a woodworker himself, Andy embraces Room & Board's focus on quality, American-made products. "At home, I have a basement full of tools and I love working with wood and building with my hands. I started tinkering with furniture building around the age of 14 so it is really part of who I am. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into our furniture is amazing and it is great to pass that on to our customers."

Andy joined Room & Board's Rogers, Minnesota, Distribution Center almost seven years ago as a Warehouse Associate working in transfers and receiving, then moving to a role where he was part of the UPS shipping team. It was during this time that one of his leaders suggested that he would be a good fit for an Inventory Associate role that was open on the Minneapolis/National Delivery team at Room & Board's Central Office. "I really enjoyed working with the Rogers team and learning so much about our distribution process, but I am also really glad that I explored this role. As an Inventory Associate I love being an integral part of the process in making sure that our products are ultimately delivered to our customers from our Distribution Centers."

What Andy especially enjoys is fixing any problems that arise with the status of a product. "I don't like when something goes wrong for our customers, so it is great to be able to make the situation better and I really like the investigation part and figuring out the solution. My dad used to joke that I would grow up to be a private investigator since I was always trying to figure things out—obviously that didn't happen—but being an integral part of the inventory process and making sure our customers have a great experience is even better."

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