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Joey, Merchandise Quality Associate

Joey worked in his family's auto repair shop for 18 years before joining Room & Board in 2007. He believes the skills he learned on the job helped him find success in the various roles he has held with Room & Board. "Working in a small, family-run business really teaches you how to get along with your coworkers as well as with the customers. Also, repairing cars requires an attention to detail that transfers over to the nuances of caring for furniture and making the customer experience what it should be."

Joey's first role at Room & Board was as a Delivery Associate and he had "a blast." He recalls: "It was so great to see all the cool homes, kids excited about their new bed or a couple getting their first sofa. It was my introduction to the idea of keeping the customer experience top of mind and something I have done at Room & Board ever since."

After a few years, Joey transitioned to the role of Returns Associate, which he also enjoyed because he learned how to navigate SAP, the software used to track customer transactions. Now Joey works as a Merchandise Quality Associate, which appeals to his yen for problem solving. "I love trouble shooting. I figure out the best way to prepare the furniture so it's as easy as possible to deliver in perfect condition. Basically, I can take my experience as a Delivery Associate and a Returns Associate and work to preempt the issues my partners in those positions might come across to make their jobs easier. That ends up providing the best experience for the customer."

Joey believes the company does a good job hiring the right people and supporting their success. Looking back on his interviews, he reflects: "I remember being really surprised that the questions had less to do with my experience and more to do with who I was as a person." Joey attributes his success to the freedom Room & Board has provided to him in his professional growth. "I've always found that if I show an interest, I'm given the leeway to go explore. I like learning new aspects of the business. It keeps things fresh and helps me do my job better."

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