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Heather, Design Associate

After taking some time off from her career as an architect to stay home with their youngest child, Heather has her husband to thank for her role as a Design Associate in our Denver store.

He shared the job posting with her since it sounded like a perfect fit for both their busy family and her creative background. "We were Room & Board customers, but I didn't know anything about Room & Board as a company. I was initially attracted to the role because it was a three-day position that offered great benefits. However, after I started learning about the philosophies and experiencing how passionate everyone is about their careers, I knew that this was the role for me."

With an undergraduate degree in graphic design, Heather began her career designing stationary and gift cards for a large specialty retailer. Eventually she transitioned to managing photo shoots and creating layouts for the company's catalogs. She loved the work but after consistently working 12 to 15 hour days and spending most weekends in the office, she was ready for a change.

She received her master's degree in architecture and quickly landed a role at a design firm. She enjoyed the creative environment, but was once again putting in a lot of hours. "I love architecture but the industry can be crazy and the overtime is difficult to juggle with a family. At Room & Board, I feel like I have finally achieved the perfect balance. My role as a Design Associate really fills me up."

Heather often loses track of time when working with her customers and is surprised when she realizes her day at Room & Board is already over. "I love helping my customers look at the entire flow of their home—even if they are coming in just to buy a sofa," she says. "Floor planning and looking at spaces with our furniture in mind is so fulfilling to me. I am not really selling furniture, I am helping people solve problems and create spaces they love."

Heather and her husband, who is also an architect, both love what they do—sharing her enthusiasm for her career at Room & Board with her three children is an added benefit of her role. "I really believe the world would be a better place if we could all follow our passions," she says. "We try to instill that in our kids, and since we have that passion for our work, they see it firsthand."

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