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Paul, Visual Associate

Paul's appreciation for Room & Board has a long history. He purchased his first piece of furniture while still in high school. "I was exposed to Room & Board when I was young since I grew up in one of our first markets and I have always felt a strong connection to the classic, contemporary designs."

So when Paul had the opportunity to join Room & Board nearly ten years ago as a Visual Associate, he jumped at the chance. "I love working with the great furniture and making it inviting and inspiring for our customers—that is really energizing for me. Working for a retailer where I really believe in the product is extremely important to me."

Paul initially went to business school and thought his career would take him in a different direction, but kept returning to visual merchandising after working part-time at a large department store when he was in school. Once deciding to work in the visual field, he spent time at a number of large retailers including Gap and Banana Republic.

One of the things he appreciates about his current role is the design autonomy he is given. "Even though I oversaw 10 stores at Banana Republic, I have a lot more accountability, as well as freedom, at Room & Board. In my previous roles it was all about following corporate standards and presentation guidelines to make sure that every store looked the same. Here I receive guidance, but it is more of a departure point—I can really flex my creativity and collaborate with partners throughout the entire organization. It's up to me to interpret Room & Board's design aesthetic to best meet the needs of our individual showrooms and customers."

Paul also fully appreciates many of Room & Board's core philosophies. "This is such a forward-thinking company. I really value our take on environmental initiatives and community efforts as well as the diversity of the staffing. I don't know who wouldn't want to work here!"

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