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Benefits and Wellness

The conventional wisdom of a wellness "program" devised only as a means to control health care costs never made sense to us. We think that wellness begins with loving what you do and being respected for your contribution. At Room & Board we choose to create an environment that provides meaningful work and supports our staff members' desire to live a healthier life.

Therefore, wellness isn’t a program; it’s about living a full and healthy life. We don't think that reward programs result in lasting change, so we spend our dollars wisely, on meaningful activities and resources that create motivation for healthy life choices.

Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, families are defined by love. We're proud that over 20 years ago we were one of the first employers to offer our staff members health care benefits that included coverage for domestic partners.

The resources and benefits listed below are available to all staff members that work 20 or more hours each week. Staff members are eligible for all benefits the 1st of the month coinciding with or following date of hire. Staff members can enroll spouses/domestic partners and children up through age 25.

Health Benefits

Medical Insurance

We offer two medical insurance plans: a moderate deductible plan paired with a health reimbursement account, and a high deductible health plan paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA). Room & Board makes annual contributions to the Health Reimbursement and Health Savings accounts of our staff members to off-set out-of-pocket expenses. Both plans offer preventive care with no out-of-pocket expense. Room & Board covers a significant portion of the premium cost for staff members.

Dental Insurance

Spouses, domestic partners and children are eligible for coverage. Room & Board covers a significant portion of the premium cost for staff members.

Our dental insurance covers diagnostic and preventive care at 100%. The maximum annual benefit is $1,500 per individual. In addition there is a $2,000 lifetime orthodontia benefit for covered children.

Flexible Spending Accounts

This benefit allows staff members to take pre-tax deductions from their paycheck and save that money for eligible expenses, including dental and vision services, child and elder care expenses as well as expenses related to public transportation and parking.

Tobacco Cessation

Room & Board properties will be tobacco free as of January 1, 2018. Tobacco cessation resources are available to support staff members in their efforts to quit.

Physical Fitness

Fitness Center/Fitness Reimbursement

Our Central Campus has a state-of-the-art fitness center staffed with wellness professionals. Use of these facilities and group fitness classes are free to staff members and their families. Individual personal training, Pilates, and massage services are available for a fee. Many of our Delivery Centers also have fitness equipment available for staff member use. For staff members that cannot access our Central Campus, we offer up to a $300 annual reimbursement for membership to a fitness center, a yoga studio or towards massage therapy in their area.

Personal Financial Health

Profit Sharing

To acknowledge every staff member's contribution to the company's success, Room & Board shares a percentage of its profits with staff members after it reaches its annual profit goal.

401(K) Plan

Room & Board offers our staff members a 401(K) Plan to support their long-term financial wellbeing. In addition to personal contributions, Room & Board has a discretionary annual match up to half of the first 8% of a staff member's contribution.

Personal Financial Planning Services

Room & Board has a Certified Financial Planner available to all staff members. Services include debt counseling, budgeting, college and retirement savings as well as more complicated needs.

Estate Planning

Room & Board provides estate planning assistance to help staff members understand the nature and importance of estate planning, and to defray the cost of document preparation. Room & Board reimburses staff members for 25 percent of professional estate planning document creation up to a total of $250.

529 College Savings Plan

Room & Board allows staff members to save for education through direct deposit from your paycheck into a 529 account.

Life Insurance

We offer our staff members life insurance at 2½ times their salary (up to a benefit of $250,000). This benefit is available the first of the month coinciding with or following date of hire. Room & Board provides this benefit at no cost to our staff members. Staff members can purchase additional coverage for themselves, spouses/domestic partners and dependent children.

Short-term Salary Continuation

This benefit provides staff members with 26 weeks of salary continuation if they should become ill and unable to work as defined by a physician. It pays 100% of salary for six weeks and 60% of salary for the remaining 20 weeks.

Long-term Salary Continuation

This benefit provides staff members with salary continuation at 60% of their salary, tax-free after 26 weeks of disability. This benefit is available the first of the month after the staff members date of employment.

Direct Deposit

We ask that all staff members have their pay checks directly deposited into the account of their choosing.

Home and Family

Staff Member Discount

Upon hire Room & Board offers staff members a 35% discount off the price of our furniture and accessories and 50% off mattresses and bedding. In addition, we provide a payroll deduction financing option for Room & Board furniture and accessory purchases. This is available to staff members that have been with Room & Board three or more years and are in good standing.

Staff Member Resource (EAP)

This is a confidential assistance program offering a 24/7 phone resource to support our staff members and their families through a variety of life's challenges. In addition to phone counseling, this service will help identify face-to-face providers in the community where the staff member lives and works.

Vacation Time

New staff members begin to accrue vacation immediately upon hire at a rate of three weeks per year. After five years, staff members begin to accrue four weeks of vacation each year.

Personal Travel Planning

Room & Board employs a travel professional who can help staff members plan their personal travel. We also provide our staff members 24 hour emergency service to support them if they should find themselves more than 100 miles from home and having difficulty with personal travel arrangements.

Personal Time

Room & Board does not have a sick-time policy. Our preference is not to reduce a staff members pay or require them to take vacation time for personal obligations or sick time. Our staff members are given the flexibility to balance personal needs as long as they give equal priority to their work commitments.

Holiday Time

Room & Board observes six holidays each year.

Paid Parental Leave

Birth mothers receive six to eight weeks of paid leave through our Short-term Salary Continuation benefit and an additional four weeks of paid parental leave. Primary caregivers of an adopted child receive 10 weeks paid leave. Non-primary caregivers receive two weeks of paid leave in addition to $500 to help cover the costs associated with a new family member.

Military Leave

For staff members serving in the Reserved Armed Forces, Room & Board will pay up to 30 days of leave in one year's time.

Personal Computer Purchase Program

We've negotiated discounted rates with our vendors that we pass on to our staff members. Staff members that have been with Room & Board at least one year can spread the cost of their purchase over the course of a year and pay back the sum through payroll deduction. There is a small fee if one chooses this payment option.