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Room & Board Careers

Orientation and Career Growth

Our new staff members learn their role through Core Orientation and In-role Acclimation. Once a foundation of knowledge is established, they manage their career growth through our annual Priorities & Measures process.

Core Orientation builds a philosophical foundation and incorporates core business knowledge that all new Room & Board staff members need to be successful. In-role Acclimation refers to the training a staff member receives when they are newer.

We view career growth as a self-directed process and believe that each individual is in the best position to seek out the knowledge and experience they need to thrive in their career. Our annual Priorities & Measures process is the vehicle for such growth and takes the place of formal performance reviews. Each individual identifies their personal Priorities & Measures, ways in which they can contribute to the success of both their team and the company. Staff members initiate meetings with their manager several times each year to discuss their progress.

As a staff members' tenure grows, so does their knowledge and productivity. They accomplish their work in less time than when they were first learning. These productivity gains lead to more time for them to engage in activities where they excel and therefore expand the breadth and depth of their role.