Single Track

  • Track has 3/4" profile
  • Designed to support one layer of drapery

Double Track

  • Track has 3/4" profile
  • Designed to be used with two layers of drapery
  • Second set of drapery for Double Track hardware must be ordered individually.

Mount Type

Choose a wall mount or ceiling mount to determine your mounting bracket style.

Please note: Drapery length will be affected by the type of mount you select. Please review the drapery hardware adjustment chart and edit your finished drapery length accordingly.

Wall mount for Single Track

Ceiling mount for Single Track

Wall mount for Double Track

Ceiling mount for Double Track

Hardware Adjustment Charts

The mounting type you select will affect the overall length of your drapery. Find your drapery style and mounting type below for the measurement adjustment you need.

Tailored Pleat, Pinch Pleat and Ripple Fold Drapery

Using Wall Mounted Brackets Using Ceiling Mounted Brackets
Drapery hardware Deduction from top
of rod to top of fabric
Deduction from
ceiling to top of fabric
Track 1 1/4" 1 1/4"

Track Length

Tracks are available in one-inch increments and can be cut to size during installation. Select track length to cover your desired width. Tracks more than 99" wide cannot be used with cord control.

Control Type

Operate your drapery with a baton or a fixed cord.


Open and close your drapery with a hand-drawn baton, available in 3', 4', 5' or 6' lengths. Double Track draperies include a baton for each set of draperies. The baton will hang opposite of the side the draperies open to.


Cord control can be on either side. Consider any obstacles, such as door handles, windows or furniture that may interfere with operation.

For easy accessibility and operation, we recommend a cord length that stops 6-12" from the floor.

Please note: Cord control not available for tracks more than 99".

Direction to Open

Choose the opening direction for your drapery. Please note: The baton will hang opposite of the side the draperies open to. For a split draw, two batons will be placed in the center of the pair of drapery panels, operating each panel independently.


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