Conceria Priante

Conceria Priante is a premier Italian tannery known for its leather artistry and innovation.

Leather artisans at work in the tannery finishing a piece of leather.

Italy is known around the world for creating beautiful, authentic leather and Conceria Priante is part of this rich tradition. Founded in 1956 in Arzignano, Conceria Priante has become an industry leader in artistic leather designs and technical innovation. Pushing the creative limits and applications of leather, while still honoring its natural beauty, is their specialty. You can see their skill and style in the pure, traditional leathers and cutting-edge designs we developed together for Room & Board.

A leather artisan measures the thickness of the hide.

Leather quality starts with the hides. Conceria Priante has secured access to the finest raw materials by partnering directly with a supplier. This ensures they get their pick of the best hides with the finest textures and natural markings. As a tannery specializing in aniline dyed leathers with minimal processing, this partnership allows them to create authentic leathers that highlight these natural elements instead of covering them up.

Leather is softened in a tumbling machine.

Showing what's natural while still maintaining consistency requires technical skill and intuition. If you compare leather tanning to cooking, there is a chef for each step in the tanning recipe who knows how to operate the equipment and adjust the ingredients for the best results. Every hide is inspected multiple times for details like feel, color, thickness and texture. Conceria Priante employs some of Arzignano's best leather artisans, who are drawn there for the state-of-the-art facilities and opportunity to create leathers not being made anywhere else.

Italy maintains one of the strictest environmental standards in the world for leather production. Every tannery in Arzignano is connected to a sophisticated water treatment system to protect and recycle the water supply essential to the community and the tanneries.

Olive tree in the courtyard of Conceria Priante’s facility in Arzignano, Italy.

The team at Conceria Priante believes a connection to nature is essential to their work. Their office is built around a courtyard filled with plants and trees and natural light floods every space, including the tannery. The company's business philosophies were inspired by an old oak tree famous in Arzignano, which they've recreated as a leather art installation to remind them of their roots in the natural world.