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Beautiful, organic shapes lend comfort to furniture built by Precedent in North Carolina.

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When Precedent was started in 1971, most furniture companies were selling sets of sofas and matching chairs. Co-founder Ed Harmon saw there was a market for chairs that accented, rather than matched, the room; thus, the company began as a true chair specialist. The company has grown over the years and now Precedent makes a wide range of furniture from chairs to sofas to beds.

“If it doesn’t sit great, the consumer will walk away, no matter how good the chair looks.”
— Woody Williams, CEO
Skilled upholstery makers craft furniture that will last.

The craftspeople at Precedent are proud of making fine furniture and of their product development work and consider it something that sets them apart. They take great pride in collaborating with our design team and offering tweaks that result in a beautiful and comfortable final product. "If it doesn't sit great, the consumer will walk away, no matter how good the chair looks," says Woody Williams, CEO.

Meticulous craftsmanship ensures chairs are both comfortable and durable.

Precedent is also committed to sustainable practices. The company uses only Sustainable Forestry Initiative-certified hardwoods, steel frames and fasteners with 95% recycled content, water-based glues and padding with recycled polyester content.