The New Traditionalists

This Connecticut furniture manufacturer unites sustainability, craft and community.

While modern technology is used for precision, most of the construction process is completed by hand.

Born from their sister company DucDuc who makes modern children’s furniture in New York, The New Traditionalists is located in the small town of Litchfield, Connecticut. Their goal is to use sustainable resources, craftspeople expertise and modern technology to craft beautiful furniture that families can enjoy for generations.

We apply a mix of hand crafting and automated machinery to get the best of both worlds.

Bob Lasko, Director of Manufacturing

A craftsperson in the workshop applies a clamp.

The New Traditionalists obtains their materials locally whenever possible, which is particularly important for wood, since this means it won’t need to travel far to reach their workshop and they can verify the trees are coming from sources where no clear-cutting is allowed. Strategic sourcing paired with state-of-the-art technology for smart material utilization equates to a smaller carbon footprint for The New Traditionalists.

Every piece is finished by hand.

Comprised of a growing team of craftspeople, The New Traditionalists is dedicated to finding local Connecticut talent. They are proud of their proprietary in-house training program which makes it possible for anyone to gain the time-honored generational skills required to make beautiful furniture and become part of the craft community.