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American Leather

With a blend of innovative technology and expert craftsmanship, American Leather is a leader in the upholstery industry with their speed, precision and artistry.


Bob Duncan started American Leather in 1990 with a specific goal in mind: to make high-quality, custom leather furniture and deliver it faster than anyone else in the industry. With his background in industrial engineering, Bob saw an opportunity to apply the lean manufacturing techniques he admired in the Japanese car industry to making furniture. Out of this passion for just-in-time manufacturing, Dallas-based American Leather has grown from a small, four-person shop into an industry leader in upholstery quality and efficiency.

Sewers utilize a European upholstery method, making a 'jacket' for each sofa or chair that slips over the entire frame for a flawless fit.

Bedford Day & Night sleeper sofa

Innovation meets craftsmanship

In addition to efficient production methods, American Leather uses advanced technology to bring precision to its work. Computerized, automated cutting systems for wood, fabric and leather allow them to create parts and patterns that are accurate to within 4/1000ths of an inch.

The accuracy and speed of these cutting methods allows their craftspeople to focus on the fine finishing details that set the standard for American Leather's quality. For example, skilled leather specialists carefully lay out patterns on each hide to take advantage of color consistencies and strategically place natural markings. Sewers utilize a European upholstery method, making a "jacket" for each sofa or chair that slips over the entire frame for a flawless fit. This combination of handcrafted construction and cutting-edge technology allows American Leather to consistently deliver beautiful, high-quality upholstery three times faster than the industry average.

American Leather shares Room & Board's passion for smart design that elegantly meets the needs of customers. Their lever-free recliners and patented platform sleeper sofas showcase their commitment to constant improvement and innovation.

Design that Makes a Difference

As a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, American Leather keeps a keen eye on sustainable practices within their facility. Their precision cutting systems maximize the yield from materials, and wood and leather scraps are recycled or resold. Water-based glues are used in the assembly of their furniture and all leathers feature water-based pigments. These are just a few of the steps American Leather takes to ensure their products are not only beautiful and long-lasting, but also environmentally friendly.

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Collage of American Leather products

(top) Wells leather sofa

(bottom-left) Leather specialists strategically place patterns to showcase the beauty of each hide

(bottom-right) Computerized cutting machines ensure that frame components fit together securely

Westport recliner

Westport recliner