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Bell Manufacturing

Bell Manufacturing delivers beautiful natural steel furnishings that endure trends and time.


Jim and Judy Bell's father founded a small Minnesota steel shop in 1965, making radiator covers and security gates using age-old blacksmith techniques. Today this brother and sister team carries on the family tradition of superior steel craftsmanship as co-owners of Bell Manufacturing.

When we approached the Bells in 1990 with designs for an exclusive line of hand-welded steel furnishings, they welcomed the opportunity to apply their talent to something new.

The way our pieces are made, they are pretty much indestructible. -Judy Bell

Parsons bed


"Every step in the process is done by hand," says Judy. "The way our pieces are made, they are pretty much indestructible."

Skilled craftsmen select, drill, form and weld the raw materials. Each welded area is then smoothed and oxidized to transition elegantly between pieces. Weld marks are intentionally left to create a rugged, industrial quality. Completed pieces are finished in a clear lacquer that protects against rusting and enhances the natural color of the steel.

Design that Makes a Difference

Bell Manufacturing strives to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact throughout the production cycle. That's why the bases on our Slim and Linear collections are created from 95 percent recycled material, and Parsons tables are built from 30 percent recycled steel.

Additionally, the Bells donate scrap metal to a local high school shop program and recycle water in the facility whenever possible.

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