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A small, family-owned rug business in northwest Georgia's mill country finds beauty in textile heritage at home and around the world.


It was natural for Ivan and Leah Phillips to follow in their families' footsteps, both learning the floor covering industry across the U.S. and then traveling the world for years before they met. While their love for textiles and design continued to grow once they became a couple, the desire to spend time in exotic locales waned as they created a family in their home state. Settled in a quaint town, nestled in rolling green mountains near beautiful pre-Civil War ruins, they combined their passion for rugs with Ivan's studies in engineering to expand their business of importing rugs from India to include affordable, high-quality wool rugs made in the U.S.

Because everything we need is right here, we can get a custom rug into a Room & Board customer's home in 6 weeks or less. -Leah Phillips

Arden high loop rug in taupe


It's all about matching the wool to the production method so artisans can create rugs with the best color, texture and longevity. "For our machine-woven rugs, we use 100% pure New Zealand wool," says Ivan. Soft enough for hand knitting yet durable and resilient enough to withstand years of foot traffic, this wool is best suited for the proprietary looming process that transforms the yarn into the most luxurious loop and shag rugs. For our Indian rugs, high-quality wools are chosen to highlight the high density of knots or hand-woven designs, with rich intricate detail that has been the hallmark of rug-making in this region for thousands of years.

Design that Makes a Difference

Besides using wool, one of the most renewable materials in the world, Delos is committed to sustainability. Wherever possible, they use non-toxic materials, including a water-based adhesive with no VOCs for the flexible backing of the Arden collection. Creating rugs in Georgia reduces their environmental footprint and continues the state's distinctive textile heritage. Domestic production also gives our customers more options. Creating a custom rug outside the U.S. takes months, not weeks. "Because everything we need is right here," says Leah, "we can get a custom rug into a Room & Board customer's home in 6 weeks or less."

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Collage of Delos products

(top) Delos is based in historic Calhoun, Georgia

(bottom-left) Seasoned rug makers rely on both hands and technology to achieve the highest quality

(bottom-right) 100% New Zealand wool is used to create Arden rugs

Carefully selected wool is matched to the weaving method to create lush textures.

Cable rug in heather