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Galbraith & Paul

Galbraith & Paul use playful patterns and saturated colors to bring their hand-printed pillows and lampshades to life.


In 1986, Liz Galbraith and Ephraim Paul opened a studio specializing in lamps with handmade paper shades. Before long, the two expanded their Philadelphia-based business to include fabric design and printing for other textiles.

The imperfection on each piece is the very thing that makes it special. -Ephraim Paul

Herringbone white pillow and Dot gold pillow


Galbraith & Paul creations are block printed to order, one shade and one yard at a time. According to Paul, the resulting variations in color, pattern or shading show the true spirit of the work. "The imperfection on each piece is the very thing that makes it special," he says.

Dedication to Design

Galbraith's designs draw inspiration from diverse styles and cultures, including the bold graphics of Scandinavian textiles, the botanical silhouettes of the Arts and Crafts movement and traditional Japanese floral patterns.

The studio's luxurious pillows—designed exclusively for Room & Board—are printed using paints that resist fading and wear, for enduring value. Printed on linen, their pendant lampshades bring vibrant warmth to any room.

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Collage of Galbraith & Paul products

(top) Galbraith & Paul pendants

(bottom-left) Ephraim Paul and Liz Galbraith

(bottom-right) Artist block printing onto fabric