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MH Parks

The Parks family’s passion for woodworking and innovation spans seven generations at their manufacturing building in Winchendon, Massachusetts, where they help us create one-of-a-kind wood products with a beautiful story.


Travel an hour west of Boston to Winchendon, Mass., and you’ll come across a building near the Millers River that tells a story just as inspirational as the craftsmen who work there. Martin Harrison (MH) Parks started his business in 1827, creating barrel covers and spools and bobbins. The company has since adapted alongside the Parks family for seven generations. In 1900 the family business relocated but stayed near the river where the company first started, and continued to produce spools and bobbins before current owner Todd Parks’ dad Skip found a niche in making wood turnings—a craft requiring highly skilled woodworkers and a machine called a lathe—and supplied the turnings to furniture makers. By the 1970s, MH Parks expanded company talents to create quality chairs while today, the craftsmen continue to make chairs as well as full product lines, like our Parks end table, in the same building that has helped tell the family’s story for well over 100 years.

What it comes down to is pride in what we do, every single day. It starts with us and if we love it, it trickles down to everyone we work with.

Parks end tables in walnut and cherry


Working closely with Room & Board to build quality furniture, MH Parks has returned to its roots for our Parks end table design, inspired by spools and bobbins. No matter the intricacies of the product, Todd figures out a way to make exactly what we need, often creating his own machinery to ensure the job gets done right. “And even if it’s not perfect today, we try to put things in place so it’s perfect tomorrow,” says Todd. Out of the 19 employees who work with him, the large majority has been with the company for over 20 years, exploring their passions and becoming experts in their craft.

Design with a Difference

The skilled craftsmen at MH Parks make products that last a lifetime because they source the highest quality domestic wood and take pride in each and every piece they build. Todd instills this appreciation for hard work into his community by offering learning opportunities to kids in local schools. "Giving them a hands-on learning experience is beneficial for them, as well as for the company," he says. The woodworkers at MH Parks remind us every day that when you take on a task others deem too difficult, there's opportunity to fill a niche that sets you apart.

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