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Since Room & Board was founded, we’ve committed to supporting American manufacturers and small, family-owned businesses. We collaborate with more than 50 American companies to create our furniture and accessories. This includes upholsterers in North Carolina, Virginia and Texas, metalworkers in Minnesota and Wisconsin and woodworkers in Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Oregon.

Artisan crafted Jasper sofa with Gibson cocktail table

Jasper sofa with Gibson cocktail table

By seeking out US-based companies, Room & Board is reinvesting in local communities, committing to responsibly sourced materials and reducing its environmental impact. Quite simply, it makes good business sense. John Gabbert, founder of Room & Board, explains why:


Dwell magazine recently recognized our efforts in July’s “Modern Across America” issue by featuring our Japanese-inspired Moro Anywhere Armoire. The modern storage cabinet is handcrafted in Vermont by Lyndon Furniture.


Moro Anywhere Armoire as Seen in the July issue of Dwell magazine

Learn more about our American manufacturing partners and the products they create here.

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