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Helping people create homes they love is the heart of what we do at Room & Board. Our Design Associates are always ready with solutions for your design dilemmas large or small. Here’s a sampling of the ways you can use our free design services and how to get started on your next project.

1. For big projects

If you’re looking to do a major project, say an entire home or even a room from top to bottom. We can create digital floor plans, recommend furniture based on your personal style, and help you tie it all together with accessories.

2. For filling the gaps

If you’re seeking out a particular item, say a comfy sofa or the perfect dining table, let us be your furniture matchmaker. We consider what will fit in your space, coordinate with your existing furniture and function best for your needs.

3. For color and material recommendations

We can help you sort through your color, finish and fabric options and make selections that will look great–and hold up–in your home.

4. For completing a room

Sometimes you just need a few finishing touches to make a room feel complete. We love to design frame walls, pick out pillows or help you find the just-right lamp.

How to start

Working with us on a design project is easy. You don’t need an appointment, but we would recommend snapping a few pictures of your space and taking measurements so we can dive right in. Once you have your details together, simply call or email our Shop From Home team or stop by any of our stores to connect with a Design Associate.


Sterling sofa, Seville leather chairs, Eileen Gray end table, Addison bookcases, Tulum rug, Lane floor lamp, Float wall shelves, Profile frames, Mohair pillow, Velvet pillow

Saarinen table, Soren chairs, Woodwind bookshelves, Profile frames, Manhattan frames, Mantel wall shelves

Ella bed, Alden bench, Indira ottoman, Chloe leather chair, Greene end table, Tulum rug, Tri-plex floor lamp, Capstone table lamp, Profile frames, Surrey blanket, Boulevard blanket, Velvet pillows

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