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We’re not strict rule followers when it comes to decorating a room, but there are some guidelines we keep in mind when we’re pulling everything together. One of those guidelines is how high to hang mirrors and wall art.

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This may be surprising at how easy and universal this is: the center of whatever you’re hanging should be 60 inches from the floor. Wall mirrors, wall art and even photo collages look perfectly placed when you follow this guideline.

Profile frames wall at with Callan chair

Profile frames in black

The 60-inch measurement is the magic number because five feet is eye level for the average person, so your attention is immediately drawn to the center of what’s on display, whether that’s a piece of art or your own lovely face in the mirror.

Start at 60 inches next time you hang a photo and see if it’s the magic number of you, too. And then tell us if it worked for you in the comments!

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