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As the weather starts to warm up, friends and family will be in and out of the house more than ever. With a few organizational and design tips, you can get your entryway ready for spring and just as eye-catching as it is functional. Here’s how we created an entryway solution, featured below.

Morris bench with Manhattan frames

1. Morris Modern Bench

A beautiful bench with built-in storage can take care of most of your needs—from organizing gloves and sunglasses to providing a place to put on shoes before heading out.

2. Wool Rug

Inherently durable and stain-resistant, a 100% wool rug can handle heavy traffic and cleans up easily.

3. Manhattan Frames

Give yourself something to smile about as you enter and leave your home. A few images of your favorite places or people in museum-quality frames are a welcome detail that makes you feel right at home.

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Photos by Room & Board

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