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We seek out artists who fit our furniture design aesthetic to make it easy for you to pull together a cohesive look for your space. Working directly with artists helps us curate a thoughtful collection of artwork that spans media and inspiration.

Boissiere silkscreens above Macalester sofa

Boissiere silkscreens by Henri Boissiere.

So what types of art do we offer and what does it all mean?

Prints & Photography

Many of our prints and photographs feature the artist’s signature on the back. You may also come across the term “serigraphy” when looking at our prints; it’s a process in which multiple layers of ink are manually pressed through fine screens, which replicates the unique qualities of the original artwork, ensuring you will always receive a vivid, high-quality print.

Vintage & One-of-a-Kind

These pieces were first used for another purpose and now we’re turning them into framed art. United States and United Kingdom flags are great examples of these one-of-a-kind pieces that served a purpose.

Limited Edition

These pieces are numbered and signed by the artist. Truly exclusive pieces, limited editions are gone once they’re sold out.

Open Edition

The beauty of open edition wall art? Each of these pieces is signed by the artist just like our limited edition wall art, but we can continue to order more to meet demand. The Henri Boissiere prints shown in the image above are examples of open edition wall art.

Check out each piece’s product page for a more in-depth look at the inspiration and details behind each beautiful work of art. If you’ve already chosen your favorites and are ready to create an eye-catching display, watch this video to guide you through making your own gallery.

Photo by Room & Board

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