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Studio sofas are popping up all over our favorite design blogs and magazines. There are so many ways to use this practical piece of furniture (which is also known as a daybed) in nearly any room of your home. Here are our three favorite ways to use a studio sofa.

Wells Custom Studio Sofa with Moro Media Cabinet

Wells Custom Studio Sofa is available in various fabrics and leathers. Click here to shop.

Idea #1: Room Divider

If you have an open living and dining space, a studio sofa is the perfect way to visually divide these two spaces without making things feel closed off. Because studio sofas don’t have a back, they don’t block the view of either space. Plus, you’ll love the option to sit facing the living room or dining room. A win for entertaining!

Holden studio sofa in Kellen Ivory

The Holden studio sofa helps define the living room in this open concept space.

Idea #2: Nursery Nap Zone

A studio sofa is the perfect solution for the nursery. Mom and Dad can stretch out and catch some Zs or read bedtime stories to the kids. When nursery days are over this versatile piece of furniture could easily move to another room in the house.

Jasper studio sofa with Greta Crib

The Jasper studio sofa creates a spot for both parents and kids to lounge in comfort.

Idea #3: Window Seat

Who doesn’t love a good window seat? Use a studio sofa to get the look and feel of a window seat without the price of a custom built-in. A studio sofa or daybed in front of a low window keeps the view wide open, and gives you a cozy spot to read a book or sip your coffee.

Ravella studio sofa with Reclaimed wood stool

Minimal and modern, this Ravella studio sofa doesn’t block the view.

Why stop at three? A studio sofa or day bed could also work as an entryway perch, a cozy foot of the bed seat, in a dressing room or walk-in closet, or as extra seating (and secret nap spot) in an office…the options are endless! How would you use a studio sofa or daybed?

Photos by Room & Board

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