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Floating wall shelves are a great way to display photos and mementos, but they’re also a practical storage solution that can help maximize the space in your room. We’re partial to wall shelf designs with no visible brackets, a.k.a. floating wall shelves, which keep your walls looking streamlined and modern. Here are five creative ways to use floating wall shelves in your own home.

Avery bedroom with float wall shelves

Kitchen storage

Ditching upper cabinets for wall shelves is a trend that’s here to stay. Why hide all those adorable small kitchen items when they can be on display?


Give your room a focal point by using a floating wall shelf as a mantel. No fireplace required.

Book display


Turn your books into wall art. Place a few floating shelves end-to-end above your sofa to create a linear library. 

Bar “cart”

Floating wall shelves are a lovely way to display glassware and your favorite martini ingredients. Shelves or rails as shallow as four inches will do the job.

Entryway drop zone

If you don’t have a room for a console table, a floating wall shelf is a great substitute. Place one at table height to create a convenient drop zone or mount a shelf above hooks for out-of-the-way storage.


In a small bedroom, a floating wall shelf “nightstand” keeps floor space clear but still gives you a spot to charge your phone and keep your book handy. In this room, it also helps makes use of a narrow space between the corner and the window.

Do you have some floating wall shelf ideas to share? Tell us all about it in the comments or share a photo with #roomandboard.

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