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Think you don't have space for a home office? Think again. This modern office is tucked into a hallway and makes use of an otherwise empty space.

Portica deak in home office


Luce office chair by Okamura in white

1. Luce® Office Chair

Modern function and design come through in the Luce Chair. The smooth angles of this chair are eye-catching and its construction keeps you supported.

Portica stainless steel L-shaped desk with white glass top

2. Portica desk

Monochromatic tones work wonders in this home office. The L-shaped desk provides a lengthy surface, and its white glass top beautifully blends with this all-white workspace.

Sill picture ledge and Manhattan frames

3. Sill picture ledge

A subtle picture ledge makes a great impact in this office. It adds another layer of dimension, and brings your eyes upward. It's the perfect place to set your favorite framed memories.

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